Sunshine Project 2013 – Mottisfont Abbey from 17th to 25th August

The rains held off. The cream teas went down a treat. And over 350 flag makers, friends and helpers came along to Mottisfont Abbey, near Romsey, to see the wonderful display of almost 140 flags – a blaze of colour welcoming all!

A blaze of colour welcomes all!

This display is the culmination of many workshops throughout the Test Valley that have taken place over the last few months –

  • Over 430 elderly were involved from 27 venues and workshops including one run with 30 blind people!
  • 137 new volunteers into the community were created, many of them issued young people
  • 138 batik flags made by all the mature participants under the guidance of international artist Alex Grant


While everyone enjoys their particular workshop their is always the delight they show when seeing their flags as part of public display especially, And after not seeing their flags since they originally worked on them, the flag-makers so often marvel at the intensity of the colours they’ve used, something that  comes out after the flags are washed and ironed, and then to see their work alongside other flags makes it even more special.

Our grateful thanks go to county councilors who donated £500 each to Sunshine Project 2013 which allowed us to approach other funders such as the Arts Council for additional funding. Without that initial core show of local investment to the project we wouldn’t have been able to raise the funds required.

And our thanks also go to Alex Grant, our project artist; the Mayor of Test Valley, the Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor Janet Whiteley; and Paul Cook, general manager of Mottisfont and New Forest, seen here welcoming everyone to the opening display, for their help and support in this project.

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