About Us

Formed in June 2004 Circular Arts is a voluntary sector group who aim to support and encourage social inclusion through the arts, specifically working with minority groups of young people and adults with issues. With guidance from the Wiltshire Charities Information Bureau we made the occasionally daunting way towards our registered charity status in March of 2006.

Our wish is to help young people, who are often viewed in a negative light by society today, and adults and families with issues of health and isolation. With the pressures and financial implications of contemporary life they are often excluded from participating in public events (either as performers or audience) which increases their isolation. Tackling this issue widening inclusion for these minority groups will take many years to achieve but we feel that it is important to enable, influence and direct them towards a more positive enjoyment of life and encourage contribution to the communities they live within.

From our first major projects – Young Colours 2005 (Salisbury) and Young Colours 2006 (Worcester) – to the continuing and resounding success of the annual Lanterns for Salisbury projects the public reception has been so positive and rewarding that we are now looking at bigger and broader social inclusion projects for 2012 and beyond.

Are to advance the education of the public in UK and abroad, and progress the social inclusion of minority groups, through the provision of arts workshops, arts training and arts activities.

To do this we employ professional artists who are highly skilled in enabling the minority groups we plan to work with. This way we will boost the look, feel and outcome of arts and performances, while also encouraging any reticent spectators and isolated groups to take part now or in future events.

To satisfy our aims we raise funds to:

  • Employ professional skilled artists, with teaching capabilities, to work with and empower many different forms of user groups
  • Provide/rent workshop space for the above user groups to create their works
  • Purchase materials and adapt arts equipment for the use of the above groups.
  • Encourage and support the development of “Train the Trainers” workshops to encourage local people to support their own groups in creative skills areas
  • Encourage and partner displays and events which will show the user groups works
  • Encourage and support other individual artists to display/perform their own works at the above events
  • Encourage and support new partnerships of small organisations to form and create new community events

If you would like to help Circular Arts whether through a donation or fund raising, or as a volunteer at one of our workshops please contact us here.

Circular Arts is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. The Board meets regularly through out the year and is responsible for reviewing project funding requests that meet our aims and co-ordinating fundraising by developing links with other funding bodies. They also roll-up their sleeves and get involved in workshops and installations on a regular basis.

We are currently looking for new trustees and would particularly welcome interest from people from minority community groups, young people or handicapped groups.

The current Board of Trustees are –

Neil Leacy (Chairman)
Neil is a qualified Prince 2 project manager who in his spare time follows a passion for music (playing, collecting, listening and watching), films, books, art and open water swimming.

“I very much believe in the aims of Circular Arts and view my work with the charity as a way for me to give something back to the community.”

Jan Bradford (Director)
Jan has lived in Salisbury for over 15 years, migrating from central London when her family was very young. Her background is in engineering and industrial marketing but she has always maintained an enthusiasm for creative and visual arts. Jan’s involvement with Circular Arts originated from participating in the Salisbury Carnival and has since welcomed the opportunity to endorse and support its community arts activities.

“Circular Arts’ workshops and performances not only provide an opportunity for creative expression and gaining new skills but, more importantly, they entail involvement, commitment and a sense of achievement.”

Debbie Rigg (Trustee)
Sandy Savage (Trustee)
Katy Leacy (Trustee)