Welcome to our new website which is being built as you read this message. Come back regularly to see our front page posts, tweets and project updates.

Let’s be clear about one thing – Circular Arts is about having fun. As resident artist Alex always says, ‘There’s no wrong way to go about it!’




Whether we’re helping community groups to make batik flags, lanterns, or large-scale instillations, our ethos is to bring the enjoyment of being creative to everyone, no matter what their background, situation, or income because everything we offer to scout groups, elderly people, socially excluded young people, is free to them. Why should some people not be able to take part because of their income or social status?

The money has to come from somewhere of course, so we rely on grants from local councils, the Arts Council and other organisations. A task that we take to heart as without the funding we’ve received over the years the projects that have brought so much fun and excitement to everyone taking part just wouldn’t have happened.

Take a look around and remember to come back, there’s lots more to come!

Neil Leacy – Chairman, Circular Arts